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+61 2 9210 4464

Please have your policy number readily available as this will greatly expedite the process for all parties involved.

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Clyde & Co

In the event of a breach, global law firm Clyde & Co are the dedicated Incident Response Manager. Clyde’s team is uniquely placed to assist in bringing the situation to a quick and effective resolution. Having dealt with numerous data breach and cyber related incidents, Clyde’s have developed a methodology to manage the threat and mitigate the risk, with a view to reducing the resulting damage.

An immediate response to a cyber threat or data breach is required. With a dedicated 24/7 incident hotline number and you have access to an emergency response team to manage incidents from the moment they occur, no matter what time of day or night.

Clyde’s act as breach coach to provide immediate and effective incident coordination of the response, including coordinating and engaging specialist third party service providers to assist in the response.